3dea Technologies is developing custom solutions, as well as off the shelf products. Spartant is 3dea Technologies’ brand of compact, electronic tools for use in a development lab, production test or in the field.

Spartant’s Wideband RF Signal Sources are compact, efficient and low-cost microwave signal generators operating with a high output power. The unit has a convenient USB/RS-232 control interface and can be powered via USB.

Spartant RF Signal Sources:

    Wide tuning range: 25 to 6000 MHz or 25 to 3000 MHz
    Universal interfaces: USB, RS-232 or Ethernet
    High power out with automatic level control (ALC): +13 dBm maximum
    Non-volatile memory retains settings without needing to be connected to a PC
    Compact size: 0.90” H x 2.82” W x 4.04” D (~deck of cards)
    Excellent spectral performance. Phase Noise: -106 dBc/Hz @100 kHz @ 250-1000MHz
    No external reference needed

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Spartant Compact Electronic Tools

Spartant Compact Electronic Tools

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